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 Xiamen qian feng machinery co., LTD is one specialized is engaged in the surface treatment and high-tech design, development, manufacturing, processing and sales for the integration of surface treatment equipment. The main products are dry, wet sand blasting equipment, shot blasting cleaning equipment, environmental protection equipment, and other series products.
People with blood and feng qian "pioneering and innovative spirit, and draw lessons from the foreign advanced technology parameters, at the same time for the product of practicality, economy, and provides the powerful technical guarantee, professional production, excellent quality, perfect after-sales service, obtained the praise of users.
  Xiamen qian feng machinery co., LTD adheres to "create efficient products, improve enterprise competitiveness, and constantly create the innovation and improvement, stable zero defect quality, punctual delivery service, customer satisfaction hundred" the quality policy.
To adapt to the range:
  Spray paint, electroplating, oxidation and so on all are covered sandblasting before machining, surface is absolutely clean, at the same time improve coating adhesion and corrosion resistance ability.
  Metal oxide, carbon black, all kinds of metal and nonmetal surface decontamination rust. Such as casting parts, stamping parts, welding parts, heat-treated pieces, such as removing the black spots on the surface of the ceramic embryo and will return the original pattern. Electrical and mechanical equipment used to clean all parts of retrofit, at the same time increase the surface hardness and prolong service life.
  Matte, mold surface texture mist side again after treatment and the cutting mould, glass mould, tire mold, conductive rubber mold, electric block, electroplating die mold, plastic products, such as cleaning, buttons, not to damage the mould surface, ensure the accuracy of the mold.
  All kinds of metal products and non-metallic products surface of eliminating scars, dumb matte processing. Such as: glass, crystal, semi-precious stones, jade, plastic, acrylic, glass frames, such as gold.
  Metal, non-metallic products surface etching pattern processing. Such as: stone, seals, stone, ceramic, glass, etc.
  Small burr removal machining parts, plastic injection parts glue burrs.
  Jeans sandblasting, can make the white jeans grain and cat whisker effect is achieved.
Wholeheartedly for the general customer service, welcome calls to negotiate business, is willing to work with your sincere cooperation, create brilliant tomorrow.
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